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The Ponseti Method is described in detail in the book

by Dr Ignacio Ponseti,  

Congenital Clubfoot. Fundamentals of Treatment 

(Oxford University Press), 1996.

The book (also known as the Green Ponseti Book)

is available to download and print.  Hard Copies can be 

purchased for $50.00 by emailing:


Click here to download in English

For information on a Chinese version click here 

   (For a free trial chapter of the Chinese version click here)

Click here to download in Spanish

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Chapter 7 covers treatment in-depth.

Another informative publication is 

Clubfoot: Ponseti Management 

(also known as the Red Ponseti Book)

produced by Global-HELP Publications.

You can download the book in English or Spanish.

Red Book (English)

Red Book (Spanish)

For other languages, please download from the Global-HELP website using this link:


Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Clubfoot

Ponseti International has also developed clinical guidelines to assist healthcare providers in their management of clubfoot.  

Click here to download in English

Click here to download in Spanish

Dr. Jose Morcuende Podcast

Listen to Dr. Jose Morcuende's  podcast for Special Parents Confidential - The Resource Podcast For Parents of Special Needs Children – hosted by John Pellegrini. 


Dr. Ponseti Biography

Helena Ponseti, wife of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, wrote a biography about his life.  You can download the book using the links below. You can also purchase a hard copy for $25.00 by emailing:


English click here

Italian click here.