Ponseti Mentorship Program

Ponseti International no longer offers one-day training or casting courses in the Ponseti Method.  Our ten years of experience has indicated that, for someone to fully comprehend and apply the Ponseti Method, he/she must work closely with a well-trained, skilled provider and observe/participate in the treatment of twenty or more patients.  In addition, the trainee should spend significant time practicing the casting technique under the eye of a well-trained “Ponseti doctor.”

If you would like to participate in our mentorship program, we can facilitate an introduction to one of our Ponseti mentors.  You must be willing to travel to the mentor’s clinical facility and spend approximately two weeks.  Please refer to our web page to identify possible mentors who may be located close to you. The list is located here.

 Ponseti International is in the process of developing a number of regional Centers of Excellence to facilitate high quality training in the Ponseti Method.