‚ÄčHealthcare Membership and Website Listing of Ponseti Doctors

Ponseti International Association invites all healthcare providers interested in treating clubfoot patients to apply for Healthcare Professional Membership. Healthcare Professional Membership is open to any person who is active in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with clubfoot using the Ponseti method and who meets the listed criteria.

Membership may carry many benefits including:

  • Training opportunities 
  • Peer review
  • Research and grant exposure
  • Entitlement to use of the Ponseti International name and logo
  • Access to full PIA curriculum and models for training
  • Participation in PIA web-conferencing sessions
  • Opportunity to present research at PIA meetings and symposia
  • Opportunity to serve on PIA committees/programs
  • Access to enter your patient data in the PIA International Clubfoot Registry
  • Regular Ponseti International newsletters keeping you up-to-date with the progress we are making around the world

Become a member of Ponseti International and strengthen the worldwide clubfoot community to continue training and educating physicians and healthcare providers and promoting the good work we are doing together.

PIA offers three levels of Professional Membership:
1. Candidate Membership: A Candidate member is open to any healthcare professional interested in practicing the Ponseti method.

The applicant should:

  • Be licensed to practice a relevant branch of medicine
  • Have received training on the Ponseti method
  • Be a fully accredited member of a national healthcare professional association whose scope of work includes Ponseti clubfoot treatment
  • Be actively providing treatment of clubfoot in strict compliance with the Ponseti method as articulated by Ponseti International
  • Submit a completed Healthcare Professional Membership Form by clicking on the "Become a Member" button on the home page.

2. Active Membership: An Active Member is a healthcare provider who has met certain defined criteria and demonstrated a proficiency in treating clubfoot using the Ponseti method. Active Members can serve in leadership positions on the Medical Advisory Board and have the opportunity to participate in research and grants. Active Members are trained providers of the Ponseti method and are listed on the PIA website.
The application to become and Active Member and be listed on the website is outlined below.

3. PIA Faculty Membership: A PIA Faculty Trainer Member is an individual who is a proven healthcare professional and has demonstrated interest and ability in teaching and mentoring other healthcare professionals in the Ponseti method. Faculty Trainers can serve in executive positions on the Medical Advisory Board and lead research and grants related to clubfoot treatment.

The applicant will:

  • Meet all the criteria for Active Membership (see above)
  • Be nominated by an existing Faculty Trainer and the regional MAB representative who are familiar with the Active Member's capability to mentor and teach the Ponseti method to other trainers.
  • Be willing to travel within country/region to train others in the Ponseti method and to follow-up with trainees to ensure quality and compliance with clinical guidelines

                       Application Process for Website Listing

All orthopedic surgeons interested in having their name listed on the Ponseti Provider webpage will need to be approved by the Ponseti Medical Advisory Board.  The process and required materials are outlined below. 

To begin the process, orthopedic surgeons are required to submit the following materials:

  • A completed membership application form which can be completed by clicking on the "Become a Member" button located on the home page of this website. 
  • A minimum of 30 clubfoot cases entered into the International Clubfoot Registry (ICR). All  30 cases in the ICR must be recent (previous three years) and show every visit of each of the 30 patients.  A link to the ICR can be found here.  Be sure to click on the Ponseti International button.
  • A letter of support from an existing Active Member or PIA Faculty Trainer. A list of these approved providers can be found on the "Find a Ponseti Doctor near you" page of this website. The letter needs to contain statistics including:

                         Approximate number of cases treated
                         Average number of casts
                         Number of tenotomies performed
                         Length of bracing protocol
                         How many cases required further surgeries
                         Relapse rate

  • Three documented cases of clubfoot treatment from beginning to end (this includes a brief summary of each case and photos showing the progression of treatment with the Ponseti method)
  • A current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A member of our Advisory Committee will contact you to to meet virtually for a casting session and followup

After you have completed your membership from and entered 30 clubfoot cases in the ICR, please send your CV, three documented cases of clubfoot treatment and letter of support to ponseti@healthcare.uiowa.edu. Your CV, three cases and letter of support must all be sent in the same email.  Please do not send materials in separate emails.

Satisfactorily completed applications will be processed on an ongoing basis. Applicants submitting incomplete forms will be notified and the form returned for completion.