Train the Trainers

The Ponseti Training Program follows the “train-the-trainers” model and it has three main objectives:

  1. We train individuals from other countries to learn the Ponseti Method.   The training program takes place at the University of Iowa, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, for a period of two weeks under the supervision of Dr. Jose A. Morcuende, CEO and Medical Director of Ponseti International. During this time, the visiting physician also attends clinics, ORs and other educational activities in the Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics and the department. This interaction establishes a working relationship between departments to help further development of the program.
  2. Help physicians establish in their country a dedicated Ponseti Clubfoot Clinic and incorporates data entry and patient follow up on the International Clubfoot Registry.
  3. Once the clinic is established, a follow-up Ponseti training course is given in the country to train more providers who can subsequently establish Clubfoot Clinics in their own hospital.
Since 2012, the following countries had representatives visiting the Ponseti Center for Excellence at the University of Iowa, USA.

Kyrgyzstan                          Oman                    Philippines          Burma/Myanmar            

Namibia                               Somalia                Slovenia               United States

Cameroon                           Sweden                  Australia              Iraq

Kazakhstan                         Philippines          Mongolia                Uzbekistan                                        

Indonesia                            Argentina            Tanzania                 Ecuador               

Zanzibar                               Hungary               Croatia                  Bosnia  

Sri Lanka                              Nigeria                  Brazil                     Guatemala

Italy                                       UK                          Iran                      Mercy Ships

Jordan                                  Liberia                   Georgia                  Armenia

Trinidad                                 Belarus





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