Basic Workshops

Whether you are a physician, surgeon, physiotherapist, or an allied health professional, PIA training programs will prepare you to treat and manage with confidence all cases of clubfoot including the most difficult ones using the Ponseti Method. Many of our programs are organized in collaboration with local partners.

Demonstration models used in training are displayed on a table during a seminar.

Ponseti International has two options for training health care providers from developing countries

1. Two to three week in-residence training at the University of Iowa
  1. Allows a physician to participate in the treatment of hundreds of children at the world’s most well-known clubfoot clinic
  2. Physicians selected through a competitive process from PIA-targeted underserved developing countries.  Preference given to those interested in becoming PIA endorsed trainers in their own countries in order to further capacity-build in the developing world
  3. During the 2-3 week stay, visiting physicians will see hundreds of clubfoot patients
  4. If appropriate, physician will leave UIHC as a PIA Preferred Provider with subsequent follow up with PIA to become an endorsed trainer.
2.  Sponsor a 3-day training in a developing country
  1. Four instructors to 20 students
  2. All instructors are PIA-endorsed trainers
  3. Includes all instructor transportation, lodging, training materials and full PIA training kits for each participant
  4. Health care providers are then eligible to apply for PIA-preferred provider status once certain number of cases are submitted and reviewed.

A Ponseti Endorsed Trainer teaches a doctor how to apply casts during hands-on training in Romania.

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