Brooklynn Harold's Story
Carol Disalvo
Daniel Pickett and Family
 The story of a boy born with bilateral clubfoot that is now a 10 year old rising star in the snowboarding circuit.
Anthony's Story The story of a child with ‘Atypical clubfeet’ with a happy ending thanks to the Ponseti Method.
Ross Snyder and Family Ross Snyder was treated by Dr. Ignacio Ponseti in 1956.
Theresa Woods Theresa received treatment in 1964.
Christopher Clewell and Family Three members of the Clewell Family recieved the Ponseti Method of treatment for clubfoot.
Dustin Lee Ridgon and Family
Chris's Story
Joshua Egbert and Family Joshua Egbert and his parents Martin and Allyson have played an important role in advocating for the use of a non-surgical treatment around the world.
Rose's Story
Anoushka's Story Anoushka and her family traveled from Singapore to Iowa for treatment after speaking with Dr. Ponseti in 1999.
Eizabella's Story
Jakob's Story
Emma's Story
Jacob Briggs' Story Jacob's mom, Melissa, tells the story of her son Jacob's treatment and what the Ponseti Method means to her.
Alex's Story Karen and Steve Moss, Alex's parents, traveled from South Africa to be treated by Dr. Ponseti.
Abdul and Simeon Vandi's Story The story of Abdul and Simeon Vandi, a father and son who received treatment on Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone.
Pizarro Family

In Their Words:

“My son was born in February with a clubfoot, inherited from me! I have had many operations on my foot and I knew I didn't want this for my son so I found your website and contacted the closest doctor using the Ponseti Method. My son's foot is looking fantastic, so much better than mine :-) It is such a brilliant way of correcting a clubfoot." - Katie from Estepona, Spain

"I have never known such a generous physician, so passionate about the well-being of his patients, so determined to eliminate needless suffering," - Teresa Audilet of Greensboro, N.C., whose daughter's life was transformed by Ponseti's care.
"Thanks to Dr. Ponseti's innovative research, children who would otherwise be crippled as adults can live normal lives," - Dr Jospeh Buckwalter, UI professor and head of orthopaedics and rehabilitation
“In the true clubfoot category, I have rarely been successful (less than 10 percent) at obtaining what amounts to a satisfactory correction of the feet…. Since I have been using this method of casting, I have been amazed at how well the feet derotate underneath the ankle…. I do in some way feel a bit evangelical about this technique. I regret now that I have treated 100 children with large open surgeries which leave them with stiff feet, limited ankle motion and weak muscles.” - Dr. John Herzenberg, associate professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Maryland Medical School.
"After having children with clubfeet for six years using the Kite method,I basically hated clubfeet and never wanted to see them again. That must have been because of unsatisfying results. After the introduction of the Ponseti Method, I love treating it again. The fact that the clubfeet can be treated quicker (5 to 8 weeks) is very important in the African situation, because the transport costs for the parents are much less. Parents see better results every visit, which motivates them to come back for the next cast.” - Michiel Steenbeek, a physiotherapist from Holland, has worked in East Africa for 12 years, often treating infants with clubfoot. Steenbeek says the Ponseti Method was not introduced in Uganda until 1999. For 40 years prior to that, the accepted procedure was the Kite Method, a surgery named after an American surgeon.
"I have a 21 month old daughter with bilateral clubfoot. Our story in a nutshell is that we were having faulty casting for 5 months, the doctor wanted to try re-casting when she was 9-10 months, maybe AFO's, surgery....not what we thought were going to be the end results. We called Iowa to see if they had any ideas, not knowing that Dr. Ponseti was still practicing. We went there, and found that she has atypical clubfoot, and that the doctor here was doing more damage than good to her feet. It took Dr. Ponseti 6 weeks of casting to correct her feet, and we've been going there since November 2005. I I have so much love and admiration for him." - Jescie Kitchell, Parent of child with clubfoot
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