Application Process

All practitioners interested in becoming an Active Healthcare Member of Ponseti International Association (PIA) must complete the application process. To begin the process, healthcare providers are required to submit the following materials to the PIA Medical Advisory Board (MAB):

  1. A completed application form (select Healthcare Professional) found at the top right-hand corner of the Ponseti International website.
  2. A letter of support from an existing Active Member or PIA Faculty Trainer. A list of these approved providers can be found here. The letter needs to contain statistics including:
  • Approximate number of cases treated
  • Average number of casts
  • Number of tenotomies performed
  • Length of bracing protocol
  • How many cases required further surgeries
  • Relapse rate
  1. Three documented cases of clubfoot treatment from beginning to end (this includes a brief summary of each case and photos showing the progression of treatment with the Ponseti method)
  2. A current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. A minimum of 30 clubfoot cases entered into the International Clubfoot Registry. All  30 cases in the ICR must show every visit of each of the 30 patients.

Please send items 2-4 to

Satisfactorily completed applications will be processed on an ongoing basis. Applicants submitting incomplete forms will be notified and the form returned for completion. All Active and Faculty Trainer Members of PIA are listed on the Ponseti website.

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