The Ponseti Method, which more and more doctors are becoming acquainted with, is described in detail in the book by Dr Ponseti, Congenital Clubfoot. Fundamentals of Treatment (Oxford University Press), 1996. The book (also known as the Green Ponseti Book) is available to download and print (click here to download in English; here to download in Spanish). Chapter 7 covers treatment in-depth.

Another informative publication is Clubfoot: Ponseti Management (also known as the Red Ponseti Book) produced by Global-HELP Publications. This is a shorter version of the above manual and it has translations in multiple languages. Visit for ordering information.

The following publications are available for purchase:

Homage to Iowa: The Inside Story of Ignacio V. Ponseti by Helena Percas Ponseti
Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, a surgeon who grew up in Spain and fought against General Franco and Hitler, eventually moved to Iowa City where he developed the Ponseti Clubfoot Method of treating clubfeet, recognized worldwide today as the most effective way to redress such a devastating deformity as told by his wife, Helena Percas Ponseti.
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